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The Process

Starting with the initial design on the screen of your CAD software – the 3D printer then proceeds to lay down individual layers of liquid photopolymer resins – that are jetted at a rate of millions of droplets per second from inkjet heads very similar to those in standard paper-feed printers. The difference is that this liquid is then hardened or ‘cured’ by a UV light that follows the print head on each run – thereby ’building’ each layer before the next layer is applied. After this process is repeated thousands of times – an accurate 3D model prototype can be removed from the printer - produced in much faster time and at a fraction of the cost of a traditionally manufactured prototype part.


So for a fast quotation simply email your 3D files to 




View these fantastic 'how to' guides by clicking on the links below:

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Tips for designing with moving parts

Preparing your 3D files

Blow Moulding with Printed Tools

Designing Jigs and FIxtures

The Future of Manufacturing is Here


Production–material prototypes, crucial for the design process, are difficult to justify financially, because they require the same costly tooling as the finished product. Further, they are most useful when produced quickly, but tooling takes time.  A different approach is to produce the tool with 3D printing. The printed injection moulding tool (PIMT) can be installed on the injection moulding press to mould the part using the actual production material. PIMTs can be built cheaply and fast, ready to inject in a few hours. If design changes are needed, the corrected PIMT may be ready and installed in the injection press the same day! Watch the video and be amazed. 



Required File Format




Build Area ( X Y Z)

294 x 192 x 148.6mm

*Larger sizes can be achieved by joining 



0.028mm Build Layers

Typical Accuracy 0.1mm 



• VeroClear Transparent            • DurusWhite Polypropylene-like       • VeroBlue Opaque
• RGD525 High Temperature   • VeroWhitePlus Opaque                     • VeroBlack or Gray Opaque


At Fitztech 3D Printing we use the latest Objet 3D printers, capable of producing the most accurate 3D parts with a choice of seven engineering grade materials. Files are checked for errors before printing, saving you time and money. Unlike many 3D Print companies all parts that we receive are treated in the strictest of confidence and will never be made public or even leave the building.

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